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Plan Copying/Scanning
We have recently invested in a Ricoh 6700 wide format AO black& white plan copier + colour scanner and are able to offer a plan copying/scanning service. There is no limit in length of the plan to be printed or scanned. There is however a print width limit of 841mm. The machine is also capable of enlarging/reducing plans, as well as producing a mirror image of the plan. Very useful if only one wing drawing is provided.

If you are not the copyright owner the plan copying service is provided on the assumption that the copy is for personal use and not for commercial use.

Plan copying is charged per 300 mm / 1 foot length for 841mm wide plans and £1.75 / Foot for 36in wide plans. Scanning can be in either PDF or TIFF format, which can be accessed by most drafting packages.

Please note when enlarging plans some will invariably end up wider than 841 mm. In these instances we will rotate the plan 180 degrees and print again.

Plan Copying costs £1.50 per 300 mm/1 foot plus our normal postal charge

Scanning Service - £4 per scan. plus return postage for plan/drawing. Scanned files will be sent by email

To use this service please contact us by email (mail@phoenixmp.com) with your instructions / drawing file and post paper copies of drawing to be scanned / printed.