Electric BreezeElectric Breeze  Ref: SM005
The Electric Breeze is the electric power version of the Summer Breeze. Designed for modellers who do not have access to a convenient slope or suitably sized sports field in which to lay out a towline / bungy etc. The Electric Breeze can be operated from almost any convenient sized open area without causing offence. Just the model to ‘wind down’ with on a summer’s evening or go thermal hunting with when the sky looks inviting. Optimum performance is achieved using a geared Speed 500 motor with a speed controller but a direct drive Speed 600 on 7 cells will more than satisfy most modeller’s needs.

PS. The plans is being updated to accommdate a more efficient brushless motor and LiPo.

Type: Electric Soarer
Span: 2000mm
Controls: Rudder Elevator
Av Wt. 1000gms
Section: 11% Clark Y