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Li-Poly Electric Flight Packs

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Purchasing Li-Po Batteries

When purchasing Lithium polymer batteries it is important that the battery is assembled from high quality materials and performs to the specification printed on the label i.e it has the correct capacity and meets the 'C' rating claim. It is not uncommon for battery capacity and 'C' rating to be overstated or disguised by claiming a higher 'C' rating but for a shorter period of the time to improve sales. The 'C' rating determines is the maximum continuous current the battery can safely deliver without damaging the battery so if a higher 'C' rating is claimed then a proviso must be added to limit the time to avoid damaging the battery.

The higher the 'C' rating the more power the motor can produce and the more usable energy that can be extracted from the battery before it reaches it's cut-off voltage. As an example tests on T Rex 450 helicopter using a Tornado Fullymax 2200mAhr 3S 25C battery and an identical specification battery from another well known supplier showed there was a 200 RPM increase on the main rotor in favour of the Fullymax battery. Independent tests indicated the 'other' battery was in fact only 19C at best. One final point, if the 'C' rating is overstated the battery will have to work harder to deliver the current demanded and will as a consequence have a shorter life.

All Fullymax and Intellect cells used in Overlander's LiPo batteries meet the specifications printed on the label i.e. can deliver the maximum continuous current (C x Battery Capacity) without falling below the minimum voltage threshold. All cells are welded as opposed soldered together and the leads are of the required thickness to deliver the current without getting hot when operating under normal load conditions. In addition all LiPo batteries are checked before final packing at Overlander.

Information on Charging

The 'C' Rating and Time to Charge

Li-Poly Batteries

Causes of Li-Poly Battery Failure
We would recommend that you read this article before purchasing any Li-Poly Batteries.